Fitted Sidewall

PVC Soflex sidewall, is a PVC fabric reinforced 5mm thick sidewall, from 20mm to 100mm high, and is used where a heavy duty sidewall is preferred.
Mainly used in the recycling industry. Currently available in white or green.

PVC/PU minipitch sidewall is available from 20mm - 100mm high and is 2-3mm thick, and is heat welded directly to the base belt, and since there is no foot smaller rollers can be used.
Ideal for small process products like sweets, popcorn, fruit and vegetables.
Colours available are white, blue and green

Self-fit Sidewall

Selt-fit sidewall has a vulcanised foot to allow for customers to fit to their own belts, available from 20mm - 100mm high, foot widths dependent on height.
Upto 40mm high = 40mm foot, upto 60mm = 60mm foot upto 100mm = 70mm foot.
Self-fit sidewall can be supplied in both PVC and PU, in any length required, colours available are white, blue and green

Both Minipitch and self-fit sidewall are solid extruded profile, because of this they both have very good flexibility and are totally frayless.

Self-fit can be attached using HF welding, heat or can be glued depending on the customers preference.

White PU minipitch sample
White PU minipitch sample

Sidewall Recommendations

We would recommend the roller diameter is at least 2.5 x times the height of the sidewall, the roller diameter can be smaller but this at customers risk.
Upto 40mm high should have a minimum roller diameter of 100mm, 100mm high sidewall = 250mm rollers.