Mesh Dewatering Belts

We can now offer TPU Polyester Mesh Dewatering belts as shown in the pictures.
Mesh belting is used mainly in the food processing industry for its high drainage capabilities.
Polyurethane edging is strongly recommended because as well as being fibreless so no deterioration problems it is also very hygenic and easy to clean, a must for the food industry.
All Mesh belts come fitted with side edge strips used as strengtheners, we can produce any width upto 70mm.
The Mesh belts can be supplied either fitted with stainless steel fasteners, endless or as an open length.
Mesh belts can also be fitted with flights, sidewalls and guides as per customers specifications.
We would be pleased to discuss any special requirements you may have.

Mesh Samples

Mesh Information

All our mesh dewatering belts raw materials meet 1935/2004/EU and 10/2011/EU food regulations.
All belts are made to customer specification within a very short time period, are totally frayless on the edges and very easy to clean.
Please call us for more information.