Modern Extrusion Lines

At our Fareham factory we currently have two extrusion lines, there is a vast array of extruded PVC and PU flights, guides and round belting that can be made from scratch.
Currently our flight lines are from 4mm to 75mm high in 90 degree and 60 degree.
Flights can be supplied loose or fitted to conveyor belts using the latest modern High Frequency welding technology.
PVC and PU colours available are White, Blue, and Apple Green as standard and are available ex-stock.
Please ask for details. Examples shown below.

Modern Welding Machines

The flights are extruded in food quality PVC and Polyurethane.
We use a modern H.F. Welding process to attach the flights onto the conveyor belt at any pitch from a minimum of 55mm to customers own specification.
Using this unique process the flight will not fray at the belt edges.
We also supply a heavy duty reinforced flight for tougher applications, please call for further information on this product.
The flights can be produced at very short notice.

Specialised Belts

We specialise in the manufacture of looped/pocket belts commonly used in the fruit and vegetable processing industry, which can be supplied as either continuous loops (as shown) or single loops with a H.F. Welded foot. We would be pleased to discuss and special requirements you may have.

Raw Materials

All our raw materials for PVC and PU profiles meet current 1935/2004/EU and 10/2011/EU food regulations.
All components used are virgin material, recycling of waste product is used and this by-product is used in our process cleaning solutions.
Resulting in minimal waste, helping both the customer and the environment.